Best Adjustable Beds Only Come With The Best Adjustable Bed Frames

Adjustable bed frames are unique because they are built and created exclusively for an adjustable sleep experience. Basically, the adjustable sleep experience is – or should be – a total package. An adjustable bed frame that is not built with close attention to quality control and high quality materials will be a sub-standard sleep experience – and a sub-standard adjustable bed, for that matter. If you read through all the adjustable bed frame reviews, you will notice that a high quality bed frame is critical in an adjustable sleep system.

First of all, an adjustable bed frame should be quiet. You don’t want an adjustable sleep experience that creaks and makes a loud noise every time you change the position of the bed. When shopping for an adjustable bed frame, you should look for a frame that has a whisper-quiet motor. The adjustable bed frame should also transition smoothly when you adjust the foot and head of the bed.

Also, the adjustable bed frame should not only be made out of high quality metal, like carbon steel, but it should also be long-lasting. Many metals are not coated or protected from rust and corrosion, which can leave them vulnerable to moisture. Moreover, you want to make sure that the treatments they use to protect the metal are non-toxic.

Adjustable bed frames should also be quality tested. When it comes to the adjustable sleep system, there are many electrical and mechanical components that allow the bed to adjust. So, you want to make sure that the mechanics of the bed have been rigorously tested for durability. In addition, you want to make sure they are tested for safety and fire hazards as well. 

There is only one adjustable sleep system that promises all three of these features. Easy Rest’s adjustable bed frames are made out of strong carbon steel and are built with an exclusive Whisper Power™ technology, which makes them ultra-quiet. Not only that, but the bed frames have been rigorously tested for durability and safety. Would you like to learn how you can get a free Easy Rest bed? The folks at Easy Rest are giving them away for free! All you need to do is enter the contest for your chance to win an adjustable bed worth over $1800, along with free shipping and free installation.  A new winner is chosen every month!  A purchase is not necessary to enter and a purchase will not increase your chances of winning.  So, just call 1-800-706-3657, or click over to and enter your details. Entry is free and open to anyone 18 and older within the USA. Get your entry in, and good luck!

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