What Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain

Sick of waking up every morning in agony? Have you purchased what you thought was a good mattress for back pain but still can’t get the restful night’s sleep you need? Have you ever thought about using a back pain mattress with an adjustable bed? We’re here to show you why spending money on the best mattress for your back pain isn’t enough – and could actually be a waste of money!

Unfortunately, the best mattress for back pain can’t do for you what an adjustable bed can. By raising your head and feet into a comfortable position, adjustable beds may help you find temporary relief from the pain and soreness that even the best mattress for your back cannot. http://www.easyrest.com/easy-rest-adjustable-bed-models/

Conditions like lower back pain, muscle fatigue and mild arthritis may be temporarily helped with the use of an adjustable bed. Not only might your aches and pains be temporarily reduced with the correct positioning of an adjustable bed, it’ll make your household chores easier, and less painful as well. Have you ever tried to change a fitted sheet on your new mattress when your back hurts? With the help of an adjustable bed, there’s no need to struggle lifting up the corners of a heavy mattress just to get underneath. Adjustable beds do that lifting for you, making it that much easier to change the sheets.

Even the best mattress for back pain won’t help you out if you’re stuck in bed for a few days. With an adjustable bed you can rest in a supported position in your bed making watching television, reading, or even having a meal that much easier. No more struggling to sit up or stacking lots of pillows behind you for low quality back support.  Simply press a button on the remote control and raise or lower your head and feet to find the perfect position for back pain relief. Read more about our adjustable beds here.

There’s no need go out and spend money on the best mattress for your back pain if your sleeping position stays the same. Why substitute one flat mattress for another? Instead, check out quality adjustable bed for a sensible way to get a good night’s sleep when you have a bad back.

The great folks over at Easy Rest are giving away an adjustable bed worth more than $1800, with free shipping and free installation!  A new winner is chosen each month and the winner can choose a twin, full or queen sized bed!  You can enter one of two ways – call 1-800-706-3657 to provide your entry details over the phone for free, or visit http://www.easyrest.com/sweeps30 to enter your details yourself. There’s nothing to lose, so get entered today!

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